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Blood Donation
Need of the Hour
A Thalassaemia Major child needs blood tranfusions and iron chelation throughout life. By the time the child is 20 years of age, the child has received almost 500 blood transfusions. The money required to be spent on iron chelation per child would work out to Rs. 1,50,000 per annum considering that tere are 1,00,000 Thalassaemia major children in india, the totle burden on society would amount to Rs. 1500 crores per annum.  

The child is born a Thalassaemia Major only because the parents did not know that they were both Thalassaemia minor. This tragedy can be averted if awareness is created amongst youngsters and facilities are provided for screening for Thalassaemia minor. Awareness need to be introduced at various levels:
As a chapter in the 10th standard text books.
A structured programme for testing of college students.
A programme of testing youngsters in the corporate world.
Awareness during premarital counseling.
At the marriage registration level.
With gynaecologist.
Sensitization of pathology laboratories.
  The challenge is huge because this awareness in the middle of a clutter of information.
Be Aware of Thalassaemia

The working members of our organization, put their to bring about an awareness in the masses for the importance of A BLOOD TEST BEFORE PREGNANCY, in order to find out whether they carry the Thalassaemia Minor Gene.
The main aim of this test is to bring theawareness among the youngsters about the blood disorder know as "Thalassaemia Major". Which happens when a couple with Thalassaemia Minor get married and give birth to a child. The very simple thing that they can do to prevent the spread of this blood disorder is to get themselves checked for Thalassaemia Minor status befor getting married.  
The couple carring Thalassaemia Minor Gene, getting married will have 25% chance of giving birth to a child with THALASSAEMIA MAJOR.  
Thalassaemia Major is serious blood disorder in which the body is not able to produce its own blood [Red Blood Cells],and hence the affected victim has to be given repeated blood transfusions troughout the lifespan. Although the blood transfusions are now free of cost, however, there is a likelihood that such a procedure could this result in further complications and affect the quality of life for the child.  
Our organisation reaches out to various colleges, housing societies and other public places in our community to bring awareness about this blood disorder.  
With joint efforts, we can potentially bring about awareness in masses and potentially prevent the birth of a child with Thalassaemia Major.  
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