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    12 Midnight, Marine Drive, Mumbai. Meena lay there in a pool of blood. Her car had just met with a terribleaccident. Rushed to the hospital, she had lost way too much blood. But then, Rajesh walked in and donated his blood. Meena lived to thank him.  
Poonam looks like any other cute 15-year old. Except that she suffers from THALLASSAEMIA Major. To fight death, she needs fresh blood transfusions every 10 days. It is only with God`s grace that she manages to find 3 donors who willingly give poonam their blood. And a lease of life each month.
Being a WILLING BLOOD DONOR means you get to save a life virtually every day.And in the bargain, earn about twice as many heartfelt blessings. Now wouldn`t You want to be a willing BLOOD DONOR ?
It is not uncommon to see people hesitate while donating blood. These hesitations more pften than not come from a few dep- rooted misconceptions. Here are a few facts about blood donation.
Any healthy person aged between 18 and 55 years can safely donate.
Blood Donation is not harmful to the donorin any manner whtsoever.
Not more then 300ml (equivalent to 5% of total volume of blood in your body) of blood is withdrawn at any given point of time.
It takes a little less then 24 hours for your body to regenerate this quantity of blood.
There is only one reality. Donating blood saves innocent lives. And this may be your best chance to save one. So, please fill the attached from and register yourself as a WILLING BLOOD DONOR.
At one time or another, you may have felt the urge to help sick and needy children but didn`t know how to go about it.Thalassaemia Major Children livepainful and disturbed lives. This is your chance to help alleviate part of their suffering by contributing in the following ways.
Iron chelation (remove of excessive iron from the body) is an important part of the treatment for Thalassaemia MAJOR.)
On the occasion of Republic Day, Zone - 1 is conducting a "BLOOD DONATION CAMP"
At A/1 Building Hall, Near ICICI Bank, Ambedkar Nagar, S.K. Rathod Marg, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai - 400 036.
Time ----------------- 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.
Date ----------------- 26th January 2012.
9.00 am ---------- Bhajans
9.20 am ---------- Inauguration of the Blood Donation Camp
9.30 am ---------- Registration
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The Need for Blood is Constant.
We urge all eligible donors to come forword and Donate Blood.
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