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  It was over tea with Sapna Didi that we were talking about Thalassaemia and how little people know about it. As we talked, we realized that something needed to be done about it, and that we could do something about it ourselves. This is how We Care Trust was founded twenty years ago.

When we started, we had practically no money but a lot of enthusiasm, passion and faith that we would find the support for our cause. It was a labour of love of all the trustees and members who came forward to contribute in their own unique ways

We started by conducting Thalassaemia Awareness Programmes in schools and colleges and later by orgainizing awareness camps at various location such as housing societies and parks.

As the supporters came forward, we started testing and counseling facilities at our Centre. Today our activities include free blood tests for those who wish to determine whether they are carriers. We council parents who have thalassaemia Major children Our councillor also advise couple intending to have children and those who have recently discovered they are carriers. Our Mobile Van equipped with audio/visual facility, is a unique way in spreading awareness.

We have Bio-Rad variant machine which is specially used for Thalassaemia check up we test at least 8000 sample per months. We cover 3rd year students at college.

The Government considers Thalassaemia a minor illness and does not necessarily fund the entire expense of the treatment for Thalassaemia Major Children. We try and provide medical care by way of Desferal, Kelfer, Filters, Infusion Pumps etc.

With Aids and Hepatitis rampant, blood transfusion is a risky affair even though BMC hospitals are providing blood, free of cost to Thalassaemics In this scenario, we hope to work towards creating a Day Care Centre that will provide safe blood transfusion, chelation support and a friendly environment. This can only become possible if we have your support and active involvement.

On behalf of We Care Trust, I wish to express our deepest gratitude for giving a new lease of life to the Thalassaemics and making our journey so meaningful.
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